Maria's passion for music began when she was only 15. She has been djing for over 10 years and promoting her own club events. Her music skills have seen her hard dance tracks, signed over to some big labels including Can You Feel It, Fireball Recordings, Toolbox Recordings and Cheeky Tracks. She has gained a massive following in the dance scene and her tracks have been remixed by some big artists including BK, Billy Bunter, Slimpatt, Ben Stevens and Digital Mafia played at many clubs around the UK and also played in Ibiza.


Her popularity and unique music style, has gained Maria to present two radio shows. One for her local town Bedford radio station called in2beats 106.5fm and internet Hard Dance radio station called Korruption Radio. She is versitle in her mixing abilities and likes playing  trance, hard dance, drum n base and house.

Dj'ing live at Club Itaca Ibiza 2018

Dj'ing live Ibiza 2018

Let It Move You - Steffan David & Maria Di-Tommaso
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Letting Go (Radio Edit) - Steffan David & Maria Di-Tommaso
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Trust - Maria Di-Tommaso
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House Mix - Miss Detonate
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Maria will be writing some new house music along side David Jackson in 2018. As well as djing she can produce music, sing and write songs. She will be writing some new songs for the fantastic legendery 90's singer Angie Brown. Also she will be singing on various tracks. Here are some sneak previews of the tracks.

Dj'ing funky house live in London 2018



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